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Why I did not attend Infosys Interview

Some time back when i was looking for a job change, i got a call from an Infosys HR for an outstanding opening in their organization and they invited me for the interview. Since job description was nice, i decided to attend the interview and the story began…

  •  They scheduled an interview time and asked me to come with 2 photos and a resume. Photos were requested to be in formals (no round neck t- shirt), Humm that was weird to start with, as i was just attending their first round of interview.
  • Anway HR sent me a link to fill the form before i could come for the interview. This seemed to be fine as interviewer can collect some details.
  • I started filling up the form, which began asking, details about my previous employers, that again seemed to be fine, but weird part was that information was needed in detail.
  • Next page on the form was about personal details, believe me they were asking too many personal details just for the first round of interview. I still filled and went ahead with next page.
  • Next page was about my educational details.... I mean request was to put everything in detail. It was even asking me for numbers and percentage in each of the semester. It was time for me to feel little frustrated but still i gathered all my mark-sheets and fill the details which took 30 minutes for me.
  • Next page was again asking for lots of detail (which I do not even remember now) that took my patience out at last.
I closed the browser and shutdown my computer and decided not to attend the interview. 


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