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SVN mirror for Live back-up - High Availability

Other then taking backup at regular interval, we may want to provide keep live data just to make sure data is highly available.

The best option is to backup Live data as soon as it gets changed.

Here is the trick for the SVN Mirroring.

How to create Repository Only user with correct access as admin can create new repository Identify the repository name and cluster. You must follow the approval process before creating any new repository. Create repository svnadmin create /svnroot/<Repo_name>change the owner of repository to apache(if needed) chown -R apache:apache /svnroot/<Repo_name>Now you need to create Mirror repository on another SVN server, following are the steps to create "Mirror repository".
How to create Mirror Repository Take the hotcopy of the repository from 1st SVN server.svnadmin hotcopy /svnroot/<Repo_name> /tmp/<Repo_name> Remove the hook script if any create a tar file of the repo and scp it to 2nd SVN server.Log in to 2nd serv…

Git repository backup

Git is distributes system, the beauty of the git make is more robust and easy to recover from any last known good working copy.

However, You can not always rely on such copy and you will definitely need proper backup solution to deal with such situation.

There are many ways to take backup of git repositories.
I am listing few here.

You can directly take a tar of the git repo directory as it has the whole bare contents of the repo on server. There is a slight possibility that somebody may be working on repo while taking backup.The following command will give you the bare clone of repo (just like it is in server), then you can take a tar of the location where you have cloned without any issue.
git clone --bare {your backup local repo} {new location where you want to clone}

Maven to gradle Migration

I am not a big fan of gradle but still this time i am taking this topic.

Maven pom file is xml based build file and Gradle is groovy based system. There are many logic involve to make one to one comparison of generic features. I would like take some generic logic and try to detail out on converting those from maven pom file to gradle build file.

Setup Modulesdefine repositoriesupload of artifacts to maven repositoryProfilingjacoco test reportuse of release plugin