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Gradle or Maven - A Dilemma

Gradle and Maven (or Both)
The world of build tools evolve from simple compilation (gcc) to make files, then evolution of ant(+ivy) and Maven, now the latest build tool is Gradle. Its always a puzzle which build tool to choose maven, gradle or both (maven and gradle). Sometime its first time project setup or could be migration from existing tool but it always a debate to choose one of the existing one. There have been lot of talks and discussion on Gradle, maven (and/or Gradle vs maven). There are Buzz around that Android/google adopted Gradle as its standard build tools.

Maven Repository tools Comparison

There are several maven repository tools available but biggest players are Artifactory and Nexus (sonatype).  I am taking these 2 repository provider tools for comparison. Artifactory and Nexus SummaryMain purpose of this document is to compare the 2 maven repository providers (Tools). Artifactory Nexus (Sonatype) I am trying to review both repo managers. This is on basis of few points like features, cost, support etc.