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Access Restriction for User in SVN

Controlling User access in Subversion
User can be restricted in SVN for the repo/branch etc via pre-commit scripts But that restriction will be only for check in (commit).
What if you want to restrict user from reading or checkout your repo/directory/branch. If you have some sensitive information in your repo(Or any other reason) which can only be accessed by set of users, Here is your solution to restrict read access to repo.

In your apache conf file you need to add following configuration.

   AuthzSVNAccessFile  /etc/apache2/conf/authz.conf

SVN Tag and Branch Lock

Locking SVN Tag
Every branch, tag is a directory in SVN. You have to(can) manipulate the directories as per your requirement. SVN does not provide any in built feature to lock any branch directory (branch, tag).

Here is the script to lock the tags in svn