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Git authentication for automation script

Git authentication
When you write some kind of automation (script) which needs to interact with git and clone/pull data and perform some action. And if its behind authentication layer then you need a way to automate the authentication that can let you pass credentials and automation can run without any interruption.

Either you can use ssh keys to authentication and use git@ URL to access your git repo.
But if you want to access (or force to) git via https URL you need to pass credential explicitly.
There are 2 ways to achieve this task for http protocol.

Logrotate setup

How to setup logrotate
There are several applications which do not have in build capability to rotate the logs and purge the old logs.
Lets take example of apache, You may need to rotate its log and purge old one and zip the current one. It's not possible to truncate the apache log when its running, You will need to handle in via logotate command.
Here is the way you can setup logrotate for an application.

Here I am taking example of apache, You can change it as per your need

Maven Findbugs error

Maven Findbugs error
When you update your java version from 1.7 to 1.8 and if you are using findbugs in your pom You may see following error while running the build.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:findbugs-maven-plugin:2.5.3:findbugs (findbugs) on project : Execution findbugs of goal org.codehaus.mojo:findbugs-maven-plugin::findbugs failed: Java returned: 1 -> [Help 1]
This is due to the mismatch of recent upgrade to java (1.8) and findbugs version.You will have to upgrade (start using) FindBugs verion 3.0.0 and above. Any findbugs version below 3.0.0 will not work with java 1.8.

Maven compiler error for invalid target java

Maven compiler error for invalid target java
Some time you may see following error during maven compilation 

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:compile (default-compile) on project metamarket: Fatal error compiling: invalid target release: 1.8 or 1.7 or 1.6 -> [Help 1]
This error is because, you system is set to use different version as default and source and target configuration is also set accordingly.

Jenkins Plugin Tips and Tricks - Part 1

In this section I will talk about Tips, Tricks, Troubleshooting of jenkins plugins.

Role strategy PluginThis plugin adds a new role-based strategy to ease and fasten users management. You can even define pattern for the job and assign access for those jobs to users.

Tip - > While specifying the pattern add the "." before "*", Otherwise pattern will not work. Ex-

test* will not match the job name which starts with test, You will need to add "." like test.* to match the job name starts with test.

Jenkins slave is not showing any log

Some time Jenkins Slaves are neither showing any log nor getting connected and you may feel that its stuck somewhere.

Problem – The main problem could be the last connection was not cleaned up properly and its hung that is why nothing is shown in UI log.

Solution – Try to disconnect and kill the process in slave if any and then try to reconnect again . Another option is that try to reconfigure slave with wrong config (say wrong port) are relaunch again, It will fail and cleanup connection, again configure back and relaunch, this should work.

Access Restriction for User in SVN

Controlling User access in Subversion
User can be restricted in SVN for the repo/branch etc via pre-commit scripts But that restriction will be only for check in (commit).
What if you want to restrict user from reading or checkout your repo/directory/branch. If you have some sensitive information in your repo(Or any other reason) which can only be accessed by set of users, Here is your solution to restrict read access to repo.

In your apache conf file you need to add following configuration.

   AuthzSVNAccessFile  /etc/apache2/conf/authz.conf

SVN Tag and Branch Lock

Locking SVN Tag
Every branch, tag is a directory in SVN. You have to(can) manipulate the directories as per your requirement. SVN does not provide any in built feature to lock any branch directory (branch, tag).

Here is the script to lock the tags in svn

Few Pre commit SVN scripts and tricks

SVN hook scripts Today I would like to talk about some SVN pre-commit hooks scripts and customizations. SVN comes with feature of precommit hook script which can be used to control commit and put tab on the basis of multiple requirements. Here are few very common needed features in form of scripts.
Binary file check

Build failing on sonar

With Maven 3+ we may face some issues while running sonar code coverage for the project in surefire plugin.
Looks line may be bug in maven or surefire, can't say right now.
Here is one of the weird error I have observed

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ${surefire/jvm/args}Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ${surefire.jvm.args}at$ Method)at

14 must have Jenkins plugins to increase productivity

Jenkins is vastly used continuous integration tool in current IT industry which is build and used around plugins. It has a core Jenkins tool and there are 100s of plug and play plugins available to enhance its power and usability.

Here let’s take a look few best jenkins plugins to increase the productivity.

Global Build Stats Plugin It’s essential to know your current capacity, usage and capability before you go for capacity planning or system requirement because very first question is “what is your current capacity?”

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Continuous Delivery and Continuous deployment This article talks about continuous Delivery  and Deployment to depict the picture of the reason and what exactly we need to look at before moving to CD. Many times team may not have achieved the Continuous integration properly, may be due to lack to proper tool, workflow or historical process.
Below is the Presentation on same topic

Cluster/Partitioning of SVN Root

Partitioning of SVN Repository location 
There could be need in an organization to have subversion repositories for multiple business group or verticals, But at the same time they should be very well partitioned and should not look at each others repos. This means you need separate repo area for each business unit.
This can be done in 2 ways, either you can install separate SVN for each Business unit and handle the authentication according to their need OR you can use cluster management and