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Setup Docker slaves for Jenkins

Jenkins is the one of the primary CI tool used in industry. Jenkins provide on cross planform support and have master-slave configuration. Your slave could be any operating system. Recently docker is becoming very popular for replacement of virtualisation up to some extend. Today I will detail out the steps needed to make  dynamically slave provision via docker images . Setting up Host for Docker You need to have your base machine either VM or hypervisor etc and need to install with all prerequisite. Lets install docker now. curl -sSL | sh

Release Management and Release Engineering

Many times people get confused with the terms as Release management and Release Engineering. They interchange both the terms and use it as the same. Release Management and Release Engineering looks to be similar but both their functions are completely different in implementation, however both serves the same purpose in bigger picture of Releases.

Why I did not attend Infosys Interview

Some time back when i was looking for a job change, i got a call from an Infosys HR for an outstanding opening in their organization and they invited me for the interview. Since job description was nice, i decided to attend the interview and the story began…  They scheduled an interview time and asked me to come with 2 photos and a resume. Photos were requested to be in formals (no round neck t- shirt), Humm that was weird to start with, as i was just attending their first round of interview.

Sample gradle file

Following details are part of previous blog Here is the sample of base gradle file which can be acted as super pom for your project. There are 2 profiles we have enabled whitebox-analysis and Coverage-analysis which does complete checks and only jacoco respectively.