Release Management and Release Engineering

Many times people get confused with the terms as Release management and Release Engineering. They interchange both the terms and use it as the same.
Release Management and Release Engineering looks to be similar but both their functions are completely different in implementation, however both serves the same purpose in bigger picture of Releases.

Release Management

Release Management is the part where process; release alignment and tracking come in to the picture. Release Management is more of non-technical aspects of the whole release process. This is much more similar to project management who takes care project execution, coordination and planning of the project and taking it to end. Similar way Release management deals with release process, tracking release workflow, release coordination and taking release to the production.

Release Engineering

Release Engineering involves building fast and reliable pipelines to transform source code into shippable products. Release Engineering is the purely technical aspects of the release. This is just similar to Release management but deals with more technical stuff rather than non-technical. Release Engineering helps to perform releases from Dev to production on technical grounds.
Release Engineering involves multiple aspects of DevOps that includes software configuration management, Builds, Deployment, Environment management. In simple, Release Engineering means engineering the (Software) Release!

Release Engineering and Management both are very important to the success of a software project. Without these two, its difficult to think of flawless releases happening. They even provide better visibility to audits to know what goes in to the production.
Both terms are different but take software to its destination in same train.


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