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How to migrate Parent pom from maven to gradle

Convert Maven parent/super pom to Gradle init file
When you think of moving to gradle for some reason from maven, You need to take care of lot of stuff around it, You can find lot of tools and help to convert maven pom.xml to gradle build.gradle But one of the most important task as an engineer or architect would be to convert your super pom (or parent pom) in to gradle init scripts.

Gradle init script provides same functionality as Maven super/parent pom. The basic difference is that you can call init script

Run timeAs many as of them This gives us flexibility to change the init script on run time but doubt of not tracking the changes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for blog

Search Engine Optimization  Adding right content to you website is very important aspects of making your site more useful and relevant. At same time its important that people read the blog and content. How are you going to do that, You need to make sure your content is right and searchable.

I am going to list out few tips to make your blog/site more searchable and (SEO) Seach Engine optimization.

Things to take care of while writing content and improve search result for blog