Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for blog

Search Engine Optimization 

Adding right content to you website is very important aspects of making your site more useful and relevant. At same time its important that people read the blog and content. How are you going to do that, You need to make sure your content is right and searchable.

I am going to list out few tips to make your blog/site more searchable and (SEO) Seach Engine optimization.

Things to take care of while writing content and improve search result for blog

  • Do not have more H1 tag (Your Post title is H1 tag), More H1 tags makes crawler confuse about the topic.
  • Don’t repeat H2 and H3 Tag too many times, Instead try to use some bold heading with bigger font.
  • Keyword density is one of the key part of your content which will make your keyword searchable. Make sure your keyword density is between 1%-2%.
  • Try to have your keyword in your post title.
  • Keep your keyword at beginning and at the end of your blog content.
  • Try to avoid adding specific dates in your content.
  • Content length is the one of the biggest addition to the search. More content make better search result. But try to avoid increasing the size unnecessary. Make sure its more then 700 words.
  • Try to add social sharing button like facebook, twitter. 
  • You can add other references to your blog, this will make more sense to crawler.
  • Make sure your keyword is small and accurate and more generic.
  •  You can have referral traffic, Have a look at this blog for more detail, 
  • Use commenting trick to publicize your blog, Try to look for other blogs on related topics. Provide them feedback as comment and ask them to have a look at your blog and share their thoughts. This way you can get more traffic.
  • Make use of social graph, share your blog to facebook, twitter, linkedIn, google+ to get more audience.
  • Try adding images and external links to your post.
By following few tips you can optimise your blog to get better search results (SEO).
If you are reading this blog via search result, that means i have done good job with my blog.


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