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How to provide effective training/presentation

Providing effective training is an art form. It requires much dedication and skill to engage your students so they believe they have benefited. Simple presentations can feel dull and unengaging, making the topic less interesting and many times leading to little or no knowledge transfer, even if the subject was covered correctly and the information was spot on. Gaining—and keeping—the interest of your audience is paramount in any successful training program. Here are a few essentials to consider when creating your presentation to make it more effective: Start with the basics

Working in Inmobi - My experience

Inmobi is a Mobile Advertising organization and making a huge impact all over the Market.
I would like to talk about some of my personal experience working with Inmobi as an employee.
Work culture - Just one word, awesome. They have lots of work with tight deadlines, but employee rarely need to compromise with their personal life. Inmobi work policies are really employee friendly in all aspects. Its great to work together with like minded freaks to disrupt the market.