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ViewVC Installation for SVN

ViewVC installation
SVN is just an installation of binaries on server machine which is usually accessed by apache (oh! there are other ways too but let me stay with apache here).
There are Several client side UI tools to access SVN like tortoise SVN, Silk SVN etc through which you can access history and other metadata of your repository.
Some time still there is need to have a strong browser based UI tool which can provide accessibility for traversing repo in a nice fashion where you can have look at history, commits, authors, logs etc..

svn installation with ldap + swig with ssl

SVN Installation with Ldap with SSL Subversion is a tool which does not have any running server agent rather usually it gets setup to works over Apache.
Subversion is very easy on installation and configuration but some time it would be pain if we need to have ldap, ssl, viewvc along with basic svn installation.
Here i am detailing the Subversion installation with ldap, ssl and lot other modules needed.

1.      Information..
2.      Require Software and tools.
3.      Pre-Requisite libraries.
4.      Installation
4.1 OpenSSL
4.2 OpenLdap
4.3 Apache
4.4 expat
4.5 PCRE
4.6 Swig
4.7 Subversion
5.      Other Configurations
5.1 Ldap
5.2 SSL Keys
5.3 Apache conf file