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Preparing for an M&A: 5 Tips for VP of Engineering

A Nice article on how to take care of Merger and acquisition smartly.

In house tool vs enterprise tool / open source tool

Tool development and adoptionThe current pace of software development cannot manage its speed without the automation.
Automation is the most important element in order to achieve agility in delivery of the product. Every part of the software development life cycle needs tools to perform their action automatically. These phases could be coding, code review, build & deployment, environment management, resource assignment, notification and many others.
There could be 2 options, which a team can opt for:
Use a third party toolOne can select the tools, which are available in market, either open-sourced or free. You can even buy enterprise solution if needed.Build an in-house toolTool can be built or developed in-house for the consumption as well.Lets take look different aspects of choosing options