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Code Review - Write your code right

Writing code is definitely subjected to individual thinking, logics and perspective. How he writes code is completely depend on his technical and logical skills. 2 different people can write same code in entirely different tactic (May be both logics of the code are right in their own way). Even 2 persons can write bad code as well as good code as per standard.
In real world it is most likely possible that one writes the code and same will be read multiple times by many other developers to fix the bugs, improve the features, understand the code. That is why each language has its own style of coding and guideline to make it more meaningful and understandable.
Most of time the Developers struggle to understand the code written by someone else in team. I have even heard people saying that its difficult to read someone else code rather writing same from scratch.

I would like to highlight few compiled techniques in once place to make writing code better.

Git Branching Strategy / Model - GitFlow

There are enough branching strategy available for git flow over the internet.

Here i have compiled few branching strategy which i found in various blogs.

A nice blog on Git based branching method/model

Git Documentation
Git Workflow
Git Flow Simple branching
Another branching Model