Working in Inmobi - My experience

Inmobi is a Mobile Advertising organization and making a huge impact all over the Market.
I would like to talk about some of my personal experience working with Inmobi as an employee.

  • Work culture - Just one word, awesome. They have lots of work with tight deadlines, but employee rarely need to compromise with their personal life. Inmobi work policies are really employee friendly in all aspects. Its great to work together with like minded freaks to disrupt the market.
  • Facilities - Inmobi beats most of the Indian companies if you talk about facilities. They have play area including cricket practice and badminton etc. Great work by admin team to design great ambience, each meeting room is unique in design and beautify by employees. They even have kids play area and used to have beauty saloon for ladies. Inmobi provide free food‚ Ah! do not think it as just some free food provided by many companies. It matches the quality of 5* hotel. I remember if we have to go out for the Team outing, Its hard to find a hotel to get food better than inside the company, Believe me many times we went out for lunch and came back to eat in office.
  • Environment - Single word.. Friendly. Management is easily accessible. One can talk to anybody at anytime. I haven't see management sitting in cubical. Its very common to see founders roaming around and even having lunch with you.
  • Employee bonding - Inmobi don't just pay and get the work done by employees. Their employee engagement initiatives does not stop with employee, it gets extended to their family too. Either you talk about arranging Summer camp for kids, Family day, remembering special days of employee, They(admin team) do best at everything. You can relate how they affect the family, when i asked my kid what he wants be when he grow up he says ‚he wants to work in Inmobi like me.
Nobody is flawless so the Inmobi. They may have some week points in various areas but they keep getting feedback and try to improve.
Definitely Inmobi is the one of the great place to work in India.

Disclaimer - I am an Ex employee of Inmobi and this is my personal view.


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