Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Code Quality Check

Every software development needs coding; without it, nothing can be developed. The quality of software depend on the way developer write code. It's an essential part of the system and the behavior of the system depends on it.  A small mistake in coding may make software vulnerable and unstable.

Quality engineering works hard to find bugs to avoid potential problems with the software. They spend numerous hours and put tremendous effort into finding any problems with the software and reporting it to the developers.

Cost of fixing the defects at various level.

The Cost of fixing defects at latter stage increases exponentially, hence, you need more hours of QA Engineers and Developers to fix and run the entire release cycle again.

If we can save some amount of time and effort from above, we can utilise resources in more productive way.
Can we make sure code is better written, tightly secure, having no potential bug and right libraries  used.

If we can implement it, we can at-least make sure some checks are being done to make sure there is less friction in the code.

Here are few checks which can be implemented during whiting code or before passing it to QA, Just to make sure to pass them less buggy code.

Code Review

Code review is the technique where coder sends the code to someone else for the review. This is really a great way to verify the written code by second pair of eye to catch any glitch, logics or possible mistakes overlooked by the codes.
There are many ways to perform code review; Many tools are available to achieve code review. This has been implemented as development process in order to make sure nothing should go without 2nd opinion on code.
Tools like review board, gerrit, phabricator etc can be implemented and integrated with the source control tool. More of code review and details can be found here.